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the resposibility of the story teller is to take the stories as they feel they are and to distill them down to be the collective story that they need to be

you are  the focal point as the story teller

the story is actually created by the congregating of the tribe around the table or the fire

the story teller is not so much the teller as the channel through which the story flows

your job as story teller is to be the medium 

you must be open and available

your body must be ready

loose and able to move

but with a distinct point of view or you won't understand anything

the story is the eternal thing out there in the universe

it was there when the universe was an infinitely dense 

infinitely hot

infinitely small point 

from which exploded this and that




etc etc etc

and then we found our selves here

gathered around a camp fire

or staring at a screen alone in our little apartment

streaming something new on netflix

but the job is the same

the job is to channel the infinite story that goes back to the beginning of the universe

and arrives here at the moment you are in 

that is what it means to live in the moment

it's not just some nonsense about being 'in the moment'

it is, literally, to be the focal point of the entire evolution of the universe

that is the actor's job

the playwright's job

the director's job

it all leads to that moment when the lights turn on

the camera speeds

and the universe looks at you and you say:


that is it 

that's the thing.

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